Founded in 2011 we’re a food and technology company with the aim of empowering people to produce the highest quality food and beverages in their own homes and restaurants. We are on a mission to help both home and professional chefs cook smarter by offering the widest choice of sous vide equipment, making us the one stop shop for all your needs. Further more we are the leading authority on our chosen subject, having produced 2 cook books, a sous vide calculator, an APP and a training guide in conjunction with the Campden BRI, the UK’s leading provider of practical scientific, technical and advisory services. Want to know who you are working with? Then please meet our team. Every member of our tight-knit team is passionate about food and cooking, which gives us a special insight into helping our customers and partners. Take a look below to put a face to the name.

Alex Shannon
Managing Director

He keeps the pulse of the business – keeping everyone in line and business booming. He’s done it all over 40 years – from washing pots in the kitchen, as a sales rep on the road to the now sweeping the warehouse floors. He is always happy and smiling.

Vickie Shannon
Operations Director

Vickie is the co-founder of the business. Vickie has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and public relations. She’s fulfilling her childhood ambition of being around delicious food all day long. Vickie likes to take the edge off by reading and buying unreasonable numbers of shoes.

Chris Holland
Chef Director

Chris has over 27 years of working with professional kitchens. He appeared on BBC’s Great British Menu in 2013. He takes a practical and analytical approach to cooking. His dishes are artistic, elegant, and extremely detailed - a reflection of his creative and passionate spirit.

Leanne Bowman
Finance Manager

Well versed in the art of accounting, Leanne makes sure that every invoice, declaration or any other important piece of paper is double-checked and archived. When not mastering her paper-fu Leanne likes to conquer muddy fields.

Shona Paterson
Financial Controller

Shona is a spreadsheet wizard. When she's not performing magic with Excel, you'll find her snapping her camera on long walks along the canal or seafront. She's also the queen of shortbread baking so get your orders in!

Lucy Thomson
Accounts Assistant

Lucy loves numbers, she even counts them in her sleep. Her other great loves are making cakes and Nirvana. This music loving baker is also Scottish.

John Stewart
Distribution Manager

John is the man who ensures our warehouse is working like a dream, ensuring containers arrive in when required, and customer goods are dispatched the same day. John’s an adrenaline junky. We love hearing his stories of thrilling activities like rally car racing or performing experiments in the kitchen.

Mike Woolfall
Operations Manager

Mike is our operations Manager. Mike is our problem solver. He never panics under pressure. Mike solves problems we never knew existed in ways that will blow your mind. In his spare time Mike is a keen athlete, regularly running marathons.

Phil Dixon
Commercial Sales Manager

Family man Phil has over 20 years industry experience, making him the guy to go to in a culinary emergency. When he's not looking after the office you'll find him in his camper van where it is rumoured he'll only eat Cornish pasties. His other great love is Leeds United but we can forgive him for that.

Matty Braithwaite
Sales & Client Executive

You can usually find Matty with his headphones on, listening to some weird stuff or, to his all-time favourites, the Beastie Boys. Matty is part of our internal sales team. He is a bit of a computer systems geek.

Lucy Williams
Customer Service Executive

Keen cyclist and Crossfitter, Lucy loves pushing herself as much outdoors as she does in the office. She's super focused and always happy to help. On the odd occasion she does relax, you'll find her in the kitchen, baking for her British Super Bike Champion boyfriend.

Ben Brown
Sales Administrator

Footie mad Ben, when he's not watching his favourite club, Liverpool FC, he's playing football, both of which link nicely in to his other favourite past time, drinking with his mates. It's not all play, you'll find him working hard in the gym as well as in the office where he's a key support in a very busy workspace.

Rowan Stewart
Warehouse Operative

Rowan may be the youngest member of the team, but he has years of wisdom already. A mathematical genius. He loves caffeine. If he didn't work for us he would be an F1 teams mechanic.

Dion Cabral
Warehouse Operative

He has a heart of gold and never refuses when asked for help, even if he has her hands full. In his free time he reads many books, is an avid Liverpool fan and loves spending the day at the cricket. When in work Dion is part of the warehouse team.

Ste Beckford
Warehouse Operative

Ste is one of the team that keeps the parcels going out of the door. You’ve never seen someone so fast with a tape gun. Ste is movie and music mad in his own time. His nickname is Netflix.

Katie Towers
Graphic Designer

Katie is very much behind the scenes, keeping the creative and the websites flowing, whilst trying to be a calming influence to the team. She spends the rest of her time well away from technology. You'll find her up hills, in bogs and always thinking of the next adventure.