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The definitive compilation of Sous Vide Cook Books. Recipes can be as exciting, complicated or simple as you want them to be. They can involve a small amount of ingredients or many. Whatever your cooking style happens to be, be inspired to investigate greater meals with our comprehensive range of Sous Vide cook books. Cook books can be used as often as required. They offer a form of learning and can be inspirational to many. Take a look at the wide selection we have to offer and make a purchase today. Remember, all of our sous vide cook books are ideally suited to those working in a either a commercial kitchen environment or at home.

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  1. SOUS VIDE - The Art of Precision cooking

    RRP: $31.19

    Special Price $25.99

    SOUS VIDE - The Art of Precision cooking is a glimpse into the world of sous vide cooking showcasing everything from curing and smoking techniques to fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and butter recipe ideas. This is the 1st British sous vide recipe book with over 100 recipes. Learn More >
  2. Sous Vide The Chef’s Choice Recipe Book
    Our Price: $38.99

    Sous Vide The Chefs Choice is a collection of recipes that some of our favourite chefs have chosen to share with us to demonstrate how they use the sous vide technique in their own kitchens. With recipes that range from salads to street food, elaborate mains to easy every day dishes and even desserts we hope you will find many of the recipes in this book will become staples in your own collection. Learn More >

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